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Massachusetts Medical Society

Question 2: Mass. Votes ‘Death with Dignity’

Massachusetts will vote on whether to allow physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. Question 2 is known as “Death with Dignity,” and the measure will likely pass, even with strong opposition from outspoken patients, prominent physicians and the Roman Catholic Church. Patient concerns “As a good pro-choice liberal, I ought to support the effort. […]

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Massachusetts Question 3: Medical Marijuana

This Election Day, Massachusetts voters will decide on whether to allow suffering and chronically ill patients the freedom to use medical marijuana. If controversial Question 3 passes, it would allow physicians to prescribe 60-day supplies of the drug to qualifying patients that could benefit. Question 3 “This proposed law would eliminate state criminal and civil penalties […]

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Mass. Catholics Organize Against ‘Death With Dignity’

Roman Catholics remain some of the most vocal opponents to the “Death with Dignity” initiative in Massachusetts, to which voters statewide will answer yes or no Nov. 6. The proposed action would allow physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. “The largest religious force in Massachusetts, the Roman Catholic Church, has come out […]

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