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Medical Marijuana

Hospital Systems Would Benefit From Marijuana Guidance, Education

BY DANIEL GAITAN | As use and acceptance of medical marijuana grows across the nation, medical systems must develop institutional guidelines to help protect doctors and patients. Standards would provide physicians a “uniform approach” to certifying seriously ill patients seeking marijuana, according to physicians Ilana Braun and Lida Nabati of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. They addressed the issue during the American Academy of Hospice […]

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Medical Marijuana Program For Illinois Patients Begins

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF Nearly 3,300 Illinois patients and caregivers with state-issued ID cards will be able to legally purchase medical marijuana on Monday for the first time. Eight dispensaries are authorized to start selling cannabis, program director Joseph Wright told The Associated Press. The number is expected to grow to a dozen dispensaries by the end of the month […]

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