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the conversation about our end of life preferences

Michael Hebb

LMM President Randi Belisomo Joins End Well Symposium

As Randi Belisomo knows, Chicago’s reputation for violent death often overshadows the day-to-day realities of its most vulnerable aging residents. By working across a network that includes civic, religious, health and community groups, she and her partners are bringing community-based end of life planning to Chicago’s South Side Chatham neighborhood. End Well speakers are pushing boundaries and […]

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Have You Had ‘The Talk,’ Yet?

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Hundreds of Americans are expected to take part in a “Death over Dinner” this spring. The campaign, led by restaurateur Michael Hebb, aims to encourage more open and honest discussion of death and dying at the dinner table. Hebb wants to launch a “patient-led revolution at the dinner table.” “My […]

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