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A Doctor’s View Of Death With Dignity

Hundreds of concerned citizens and patient advocates gathered at Temple Sholom in Chicago to learn about “Death with Dignity,” legislation that could allow physicians in Illinois the ability to prescribe life-ending medications to some terminally ill patients. Currently, only three states have “Death with Dignity” legislation– Oregon, Washington and Vermont; physicians in Montana may raise a defense of consent if charged […]

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Vermont Votes To Allow Death With Dignity

The Vermont House approved a measure allowing physicians the ability to prescribe life-ending medications to some terminally ill patients seeking to end their lives. Vermont is set to become the fourth state allowing the legislation known as “Death with Dignity,” following Oregon, Washington and Montana. The Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act awaits approval from Gov. Peter Shumlin, a Democrat […]

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Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill Finally Gets Hearing

For the first time in Connecticut’s history, the General Assembly’s Public Health Committee allowed a legislative hearing about a physician-assisted suicide bill. H.B. 6645 aims to allow physicians the ability to prescribe life-ending medications at the request of mentally competent, terminally ill patients. Patients would have to self-administer the drug. Connecticut’s CBS affiliate reports that because […]

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Montana HB505: Outlawing Assisted Suicide

Montana lawmakers are considering a controversial bill to outlaw physician-assisted suicide, a decision that opponents say would punish doctors for honoring their dying patients’ wishes. If the bill passes, physicians who provide life-ending drugs could face 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Introduced by Rep. Krayton Kerns, a Republican, HB505 seeks to clarify “the offense of assisting […]

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