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Northwestern Memorial Hospital

A Doctor’s View Of Death With Dignity

Hundreds of concerned citizens and patient advocates gathered at Temple Sholom in Chicago to learn about “Death with Dignity,” legislation that could allow physicians in Illinois the ability to prescribe life-ending medications to some terminally ill patients. Currently, only three states have “Death with Dignity” legislation– Oregon, Washington and Vermont; physicians in Montana may raise a defense of consent if charged […]

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Nurses Provide Critical Trust In The Intensive Care Unit

Although surrogate trust in ICU physicians is an important factor in avoiding conflicts during end of life decision-making, a team of researchers has determined that nurses play a critical role in fostering trust between physicians and patient surrogates. Seeking to better understand how the lack of confidence between surrogates and clinicians affects shared decision-making, the […]

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POLST Form Presented At Northwestern Memorial

“The Illinois POLST form is a step in the right direction,” said Mary F. Mulcahy, a co-founder of Life Matters Media and practicing oncologist at Northwestern University, while lecturing physicians about the form Thursday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In March, the Illinois POLST form was released to the public, an effort headed by the POLST Paradigm and […]

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