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Group Pushes Physician-Assisted Suicide Measure In Maine

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Proponents of physician-assisted suicide in Maine are pushing for a statewide referendum on the controversial practice next year. Maine Death with Dignity organizers visited polling stations throughout the state Tuesday to collect signatures for the proposed ballot question, The Associated Press reports. The Wiscasset-based group announced last week that they also […]

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Oregon Legislature Proposes Major Change To ‘Death With Dignity’ Program

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF The Oregon Legislature has introduced a bill permitting terminally ill patients’ health care agents to collect and administer their life-ending drugs. Senate Bill 893 would permit “expressly identified agents” to lawfully administer doctor-prescribed barbiturates in a “humane and dignified manner” to patients unable to self-administer. The legislation is an extension of the state’s Death with Dignity Act. […]

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