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Palliative Care

Tackling End Of Life Care And Sex: Part 2

BY DANIEL GAITAN | The seriously ill shouldn’t fear asking their doctors about sex or shy away from broaching the topic with intimate partners. To encourage frank discussion about the taboo, Shirley Otis-Green, clinical director of consulting services for Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, is lecturing palliative care physicians, geriatricians and nurses. She is calling on providers to help address […]

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Patients Facing Heart Disease Benefit From Palliative Care

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Proper pain and symptom management could benefit hundreds of thousands of Americans facing cardiovascular disease. Palliative medicine should be fully integrated into cardiology because it helps frail patients live better and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations, said Dr. Keith Swetz during NorthShore University’s Annual Hospice and Palliative Care Symposium. “Palliative care has […]

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