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Peg Sandeen

D.C.’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Act Faces Challenge in Congress

BY DANIEL GAITAN | The future of Obamacare isn’t the only hotly contested and high-stakes legislation in the nation’s capital. A Republican chairman of the committee with oversight of the District of Columbia has vowed to block Washington from implementing a controversial law that allows terminally ill adults to end their lives with doctor-prescribed […]

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Some ‘Death With Dignity’ Proponents Want More Guidance On The Controversial Practice

BY DANIEL GAITAN | As support for physician-assisted suicide grows and state lawmakers debate legalizing the controversial practice, some proponents want reliable clinical criteria for doctors prescribing life-ending drugs. Supporters of the practice published a report in the Journal of Palliative Medicine in support of national standards. They hope to offer a safer and more […]

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Death With Dignity Director Speaks With Life Matters Media

Talks legalization, Canada and politics BY DANIEL GAITAN OREGON – Death with Dignity executive director Peg Sandeen credits growing acceptance of physician-assisted suicide to the aging population and increased awareness about the controversial practice. Support for physician-assisted suicide is proliferating in state legislatures across the nation; proponents contend the practice enhances patient freedom at the end of life […]

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Sanders Only Presidential Candidate In Support Of Assisted-Suicide For Terminally Ill

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Bernie Sanders remains the only major presidential candidate who has voiced support for physician-assisted suicide this election season. In February, the Vermont senator said that terminally ill patients in pain should have the right to end their lives on their own terms. He spoke during a “Seniors Decide Forum” hosted by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, a coalition […]

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