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Physician-assisted suicide

Group Pushes Physician-Assisted Suicide Measure In Maine

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Proponents of physician-assisted suicide in Maine are pushing for a statewide referendum on the controversial practice next year. Maine Death with Dignity organizers visited polling stations throughout the state Tuesday to collect signatures for the proposed ballot question, The Associated Press reports. The Wiscasset-based group announced last week that they also […]

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The American Medical Association To Examine Its Opposition To Physician-Assisted Suicide

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Amid a national debate regarding the risks and benefits of physician-assisted suicide, the American Medical Association will examine its decades-long opposition to the controversial practice. A recommendation that the nation’s largest physicians organization maintain its opposition to assisted-suicide was rejected Monday, with delegates at the annual Chicago meeting instead voting […]

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Massachusetts Medical Society Ends Opposition To Physician-Assisted Suicide

BY DANIEL GAITAN | The Massachusetts Medical Society has ended its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The medical society on Saturday adopted a neutral stance on what it now calls “medical aid-in-dying,” The Boston Globe reports. The society’s governing body approved the changes in separate votes, with delegates voting 151 to 62 to retract its […]

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