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Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

POLST Form Presented At Northwestern Memorial

“The Illinois POLST form is a step in the right direction,” said Mary F. Mulcahy, a co-founder of Life Matters Media and practicing oncologist at Northwestern University, while lecturing physicians about the form Thursday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In March, the Illinois POLST form was released to the public, an effort headed by the POLST Paradigm and […]

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Washington POLST Form: New Bill Aims To Close Loophole

Medical orders for terminally ill patients and seniors in Washington state are sometimes ignored, due to a loophole that intimidates caregivers and assisted-living facilities from following the POLST form, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. Last week, a Senate health care committee approved a bill that would guarantee protections to caregivers who follow patients’ POLST and remedy this problem. […]

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