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Deadly Delirium

This essay first appeared on The day I showed up at the hospital, Pat’s nightmare had been running almost ceaselessly for several weeks. I found him tossing in bed, sweat pouring from his face, as he strained against the cloth ties tethering his wrists to the bed rail. A hulking man in life, Pat […]

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New Jersey Moves Toward Electronic POLST System

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF New Jersey could soon become one of the first states to use a state-wide electronic health registry to store seriously ill patients’ medical orders. State Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett and officials from the New Jersey Hospital Association unveiled the new electronic Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) initiative this month at a local […]

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The State Of POLST: A Conversation With Pioneer Susan Tolle

BY DANIEL GAITAN | As the POLST paradigm spreads across the nation and gains acceptance among patients and providers, some critics have expressed concern about its effect on end of life care. For millions of seriously ill and aged Americans, advance health care directives alone will not be enough to ensure their end of life care wishes are honored in […]

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