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South Carolina

Recognizing Cultural Differences At The End Of Life

A conversation with researcher Ronit Elk BY DANIEL GAITAN | The Journal of Palliative Medicine has published a special issue spotlighting new approaches for improving end of life care among African-Americans. Guest editor Ronit Elk gathered a series of editorials and original research articles aiming to challenge clinicians’ assumptions about the relationship between African-Americans […]

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“Respecting Choices” Model Coming To South Carolina

This piece was first published in Voices in Bioethics. LMM President Randi Belisomo is a contributor. The South Carolina Medical Association is now working to follow the lead of physician organizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Virginia, as members plan to implement an early-intervention advance care planning program that has drawn national media attention in recent […]

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Community Cancer Clinics Turning Thousands Away

Many U.S. cancer clinics have started to turn away thousands of patients due to the sequester’s cuts to Medicare. As The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff reports, some oncologists say the reduced federal funding makes it impossible for community clinics to administer expensive chemotherapy to seniors and remain financially stable. These patients must now seek treatment […]

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