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Susan Tolle

The State Of POLST: A Conversation With Pioneer Susan Tolle

BY DANIEL GAITAN | As the POLST paradigm spreads across the nation and gains acceptance among patients and providers, some critics have expressed concern about its effect on end of life care. For millions of seriously ill and aged Americans, advance health care directives alone will not be enough to ensure their end of life care wishes are honored in […]

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JAMA Perspective Critical Of POLST

BY DANIEL GAITAN |  The Journal of the American Medical Association has published a perspective highly critical of the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment paradigm, a medical order regarding end of life treatment for those with serious illness. Co-authored by a team of University of Pennsylvania medical researchers, the JAMA article questions the rapid nationwide expansion […]

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Oregon POLST Adjusts To Digital Shift

An Oregon medical order designed for patients nearing death is evolving to better complement the state’s shift towards electronic record keeping. ePOLST is the fully integrated electronic version of Physicians Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatment, or POLST form. They are more detailed than conventional living wills or advance health care directives – these medical orders extend patients the freedom to […]

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