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Convicted Felon Or Caregiving Friend?

Gold Coat Prison Program Addresses Inmate Dementia while Softening Hearts BY RANDI BELISOMO | PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – When clinical psychologist Cheryl Steed first came to work at the California Men’s Colony, the behavioral specialist with no prior experience in criminal justice was expecting a tough new patient population: muscular, tattooed and intimidating. What […]

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Life Matters Media Participates In “Great Challenges”: Caregiver Crises

Life Matters Media is proud to participate in the TEDMED “Great Challenges” program, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The caregiver crisis has been designated as one of the twenty “Great Challenges” in health and medicine. The program’s mission is not to solve the caregiver crisis, but to provide unbiased, inclusive viewpoints of the […]

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The Future Of Caregiving Could Be A Talking Dog

Pet avatars offered as a solution to caregiver crisis at TEDMED  The thought of virtual pets evoke 1990s toy memories for millennials, but a new incarnation of such may help stave off dementia in their grandparents- and provide them  enriching social connections. GeriJoy companions, virtual “talking dogs,” are now providing pet therapy, personal companionship and […]

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