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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

The Atlantic

One Doctor’s Plea: Talk With Patients About Death

Many doctors avoid serious discussion about death with their terminally ill patients. Dr. Ricardo Nuila explores the role doctors must play in end of life decision-making with a new article published in The Atlantic. Last month, Medicare announced plans to reimburse health care providers for end of life counseling with patients beginning in 2016. But it’s still unclear who will facilitate those vital discussions and if […]

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The Next Step for End-of-Life Care

“The hourly revenue generated by a physician discussing plans for care is $87. That same physician, when conducting a procedure such as a colonoscopy or a cataract extraction, will make more than $300 per hour. Renewed support for a bill that would better compensate U.S. doctors for providing end-of-life counseling highlights the value of these […]

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